Safety & Beauty Tips

General Liability Safety – Documents & Procedures

Proper documentation and procedures are essential in case a patron brings a lawsuit against your salon. Keep records of patrons and the details of the services they received; a general accident report file, and up-to-date records on past employees, complete with copies of operators’ licenses. Institute an incident management program and instruct
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SASSI Equipment Safety Tips

Equipment & Facility Safety

Minimize risk by performing regular maintenance and performance checks on all equipment to ensure that frequently-used appliances are in good working order. Prevent slips and falls by clearing floors of appliance cords, spilled liquids and properly maintained floor surfaces. Provide an eye-wash station, and maintain an accessible first-aid supply
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Hair Services Safety

Tips from ensuring proper water temperature to handling of hair chemicals and recognizing skin irritation from hair coloring stain remover application. Be sure to receive a copy of the operator’s license when hiring. Always test the water on yourself before applying to your patron’s head to avoid scalding burns. Confirm that your salon's
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SASSI Hot Wax Safety Tips

Waxing/Hair Removal Services Safety

Make sure your technician has a cosmetology, esthetician's or waxing license, and knows how to prevent thermal burns, friction burns, skin irritations and follow sanitary procedures. Technician should have a cosmetology, esthetician's or waxing license. Test the wax on the tech's wrist (much like a baby bottle) before applying the wax to the
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SASSI Facial Services Safety Tips

Facial Services Safety

Minimize the chances of skin irritation, scars and burns by avoiding multiple facial services and obtaining a facial history from the patron (i.e., skin allergies). Technician should be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Do not give a facial over skin that has had multiple services (i.e. facial waxing) to avoid irritation, or worse,
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SASSI Nail Services Safety Tips

Nail Services (Manicures and Pedicures) Safety

Tips for providing an antiseptic environment, proper use of instruments and ensuring safe procedures. Always use sterilized equipment (cuticle nippers, files, orange stick) when cutting of skin is involved to avoid infections. Create same clean, antiseptic environment as in a doctor’s office and your patrons will be impressed. Never mix
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SASSI Hair Color Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips – Fall 2013 Color Trends

Plum Brown, Cherry Cola, Copper Red, Butter Blonde – give your clients these delectable color trends for fall! Plum browns, with their gorgeous violet and red undertones, work well for your brunette clients. Cherry cola hair color is a perfect suggestion for your dark hair colored clients looking to add some spice to their hair
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