Waxing/Hair Removal Services Safety

SASSI Hot Wax Safety Tips

Make sure your technician has a cosmetology, esthetician’s or waxing license, and knows how to prevent thermal burns, friction burns, skin irritations and follow sanitary procedures.

  • Technician should have a cosmetology, esthetician’s or waxing license.
  • Test the wax on the tech’s wrist (much like a baby bottle) before applying the wax to the patron to avoid thermal burns.
  • Do not wax the same area multiple times to avoid a “friction burn”.
  • Do not wax on pre-existing inflamed/irritated/lesion covered areas as this can cause a more severe irritation.
  • Hair should never be removed from warts, moles, skin growths of any kind, from the soft tissue of the eyelid or from the nostrils.
  • Avoid double-dipping wax sticks to prevent the spread of infections from one patron to another.
  • Change the towel, sheet or paper beneath the area of the patron that will be waxed.

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