Hair Services Safety

Tips from ensuring proper water temperature to handling of hair chemicals and recognizing skin irritation from hair coloring stain remover application.

  • Be sure to receive a copy of the operator’s license when hiring.
  • Always test the water on yourself before applying to your patron’s head to avoid scalding burns. Confirm that your salon’s water temperature reaches no more than 120 degrees (the water heater may be lowered to accommodate this; ask your utility service provider or plumber for details).
  • Offer neck support (i.e. a towel) at your sink to prevent neck injuries while leaning back during a shampoo.
  • Be sure that the hair coloring stain remover you use is safe for that area of the skin.
  • Apply hair coloring stain remover at the correct time, before the last soaping and before drying the hair. Always pat the remover on the affected area with soft cotton and allow it time to do its job. Never rub and never use a regular cloth or towel.
  • If irritation occurs due to hair coloring stain remover application, document the irritation.  Ask the patron to contact the salon if the irritation continues.  At that time, refer the patron to your shop physician with a clear description of the remover used so that the doctor may use the correct treatment for the irritation.

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