Nail Services (Manicures and Pedicures) Safety

SASSI Nail Services Safety Tips

Tips for providing an antiseptic environment, proper use of instruments and ensuring safe procedures.

  • Always use sterilized equipment (cuticle nippers, files, orange stick) when cutting of skin is involved to avoid infections. Create same clean, antiseptic environment as in a doctor’s office and your patrons will be impressed.
  • Never mix clean, sterilized tools with used ones.
  • Tools that cannot be sterilized (nail-buffer blocks, nail brushes, emery boards) should be thrown away immediately after being used.
  • Always have your technicians wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap between each procedure.
  • Drain and disinfect foot spas in between every use.
  • Do not trim cuticles too closely. When you cut too closely, you remove the protection provided by nature.
  • Use sharp, adjusted instruments. Rough edges and nicked blades can cause serious injury.
  • Do not push cuticles back too hard. You can bruise the tissue which can result in a damaged or infected nail.
  • Always check nail beds for signs of discoloration/infection before doing acrylic fill-ins to avoid severe infection in patron.
  • Do not use razors (credo tools) for the removal of hardened callused feet. Soaking the feet and use of pumice stone will avoid infections. Refer patron’s callus removal to a podiatrist if needed.
  • Do not purchase bulk chemicals from companies outside the US (outside FDA control) (i.e. powder to form acrylic nails). The resulting infections can be severe.
  • Avoid haste and carelessness. A nail treatment is a meticulous task that requires time and patience.

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