Facial Services Safety

SASSI Facial Services Safety Tips

Minimize the chances of skin irritation, scars and burns by avoiding multiple facial services and obtaining a facial history from the patron (i.e., skin allergies).

  • Technician should be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician.
  • Do not give a facial over skin that has had multiple services (i.e. facial waxing) to avoid irritation, or worse, burns.
  • Always obtain a history from the patron before giving the facial (i.e. suffer from acne – taking any medication; is patron allergic to fragrances, etc.; using glycolic acid). Failure to do so could result in burns/scars.
  • Use extreme caution when using heating elements (i.e. heat lamps) to avoid burns on the patron.

SASSI Facial Services Safety TipsSASSI Facial ServicesSASSI Facial Services Safety Tips

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