Stylists Working From Home: Managing Stress, Risk and Insurance

As uncertainty amid the current pandemic grows, so will the number of people working from home. The past year has shown the world that it’s possible to work from home in more career industries than you’d think. As coronavirus forced businesses to shut down their in-house operations, the demand of remote work is higher than ever. Now, more and more professionals, ranging from teachers to attorneys to salon stylists, are moving to exclusively working from home.

Figuring out how to balance work and life is a recurring challenge that we often grapple with while working outside the home. However, it can be even more difficult when your work life and home life fall under the same location. The key to finding that balance and setting yourself up for success can be done in two major ways, accepting the situation and being realistic about how to go about your priorities. Adapting to the new reality can be difficult and challenge the way people work and interact with others, which may lead to increased feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. The CDC has detailed information on recognizing signs of stress and building resilience during the pandemic.

Fortunately, there are many ways to combat feelings of stress during these difficult times — check out our recent blog on self-care for more details. If you’re shifting to working from home for the first time, it can help to adopt some best practices. This includes scheduling your work-free time as carefully as you do appointments with clients. Also, have clear boundaries between work time and home time. You may feel obligated to answer every incoming call from a client any time of day, but you may want to have dedicated time for returning voicemails, scheduling appointments and sending reminder texts.

Many stylists have worked out of their homes for a long time. However, for those who are new to it, shifting to working from home during a pandemic can be a particularly difficult adjustment. Health and safety are a part of stylist’s work at any time but preventing the spread of COVID-19 makes it even more important. Salons and stylists should check their state reopening guidelines for working during the pandemic. Make sure the workspace is clean, sanitized and following CDC guidelines such as limiting clients, remaining socially distanced and requiring masks.

When creating a safe work-from-home space, it is also important to follow risk management guidelines. Make sure your workspace is free from any hazards, such as long cords that could lead to trips and falls. If there is an accident, have a system for documenting it for any resulting insurance claims. Plus, it is important to continue following any safety measures you would usually take when providing services to clients in a salon: testing water temperature, offering neck support during hair washing and conducting a patch test for any hair dyes or chemicals that are new to the client.

Last but not least, a stylist shifting to work from home should consider their professional insurance policy. Most homeowner’s policies exclude business activities from coverage, so if an accident happens in the course of your work, you may not be covered. Salon owners and home-based stylists need both professional liability and property coverage. Just as professional liability insurance policies are needed when an incident occurs within a salon, stylists working remotely also need to ensure that they are protected when conducting appointments with clients from their home.

Now more than ever before, it is crucial for stylists to prioritize health and safety when working with clients. At SASSI, we have long provided insurance for both salons and stylists working out of their homes. For more information, contact your insurance agent or call us directly at 888-823-9380.

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