5 Self-Care Tips for Salon Staff During COVID-19

Within the past several months, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an extreme shift in the way individuals and businesses conduct their everyday lives. As state officials are lifting lockdowns, new challenges will emerge in the day-to-day routines of everyday life. What can be difficult is adapting to the new reality.

Practicing self-care is essential not only to physical health but to mental and emotional health, every day but especially amid the current pandemic. As more salons reopen, health regulations and standards adjust and change, leaving staff on high alert when dealing with clients. As client appointments increase, as well as stress levels amongst salon staff, so will the need for health and safety tasks. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat feelings of stress and uncertainty during these difficult times. Here are five self-care ideas for salon staff:

1. Daily journaling

This is just one of those small habits you can do to start off your day in a positive way. The stress from work may cause you to feel burned out once in a while, but journaling can be a helpful reminder as to why you like your job and going into work. Setting goals for the day, naming things for which you are grateful and writing something that made you happy that week can really be uplifting and just what you need, emotionally.

2. De-cluttering

The pandemic has brought about new challenges that change the way we go about our daily lives and having pre-COVID-19 clutter lying around will not make things any easier. By getting rid of things you no longer feel you have use for, a great weight will be taken off your shoulders and a de-cluttered workstation will be one less thing to worry about.

3. Prioritize Sleep

As sleep deprivation makes individuals more sensitive to stress, sleep is arguably one of the easiest ways to keep stress under control. Sleep is the key to healthy brain function and emotional well-being. By making sure you give yourself enough time to sleep, your focus will increase as well as your mood and patience which are much needed both in the workplace and as you go about your day.

4. Set Aside “You” Time

As work begins to take more of your free time away, try not to deprive yourself of the leisurely activities you enjoy. These do not need to be difficult activities either, it could be simply cooking your favorite dinner one night, setting aside time to catch up on your favorite show, or going for a quiet walk. Dedicating time for yourself is important to your emotional health and well-being and when you feel your best, you’ll have an easier time handling your workload.

5. Give yourself a salon treatment

By combatting the stress of COVID-19, perhaps treating yourself to a salon pampering might make you feel better. It could be through changing your hairstyle, giving yourself a mani-pedi, dying your hair, or using your favorite face mask. No matter the treatment, these are all ways to give yourself some much-needed love and help lift your spirits.

The saying goes that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Taking time to manage your stress with self-care is critical at any time, but especially important at a stressful time such as working during a pandemic. Tweet us @SASSI_brownyard – what self-care practices do you use?

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