Making Sustainable More Attainable: Going Green in Salons and Spas

Making Sustainable More Attainable: Going Green in Salons and Spa

To borrow from Gordon Gekko, green is good. In that vein, many consumers and fellow salon and spa professionals view sustainability or going green as an important social responsibility. As such, salon and spa owners should look into ways that they can bring environmental-friendly changes into their businesses.

Keeping it simple & budget friendly 

The argument against implementing sustainable elements into a salon or spa is usually the cost of doing so. Many salon and spa owners are under the impression that sustainability costs too much or requires additional work their staff cannot manage. However, while there may be some effort on the front end to make changes, going green can draw in clients, create a healthier environment for both clients and employees and save money on energy bills. Let’s look at a few tips for how salon and spa owners can incorporate sustainability in their businesses without breaking the bank or over burdening workers:

Adopt the mindset: Adopting a sustainable mindset will help salon and spa owners make small, realistic changes. For example, buying energy efficient lightbulbs is a realistic change that reduces energy use and saves salon and spa owners money over time on their electric bills. From there, a salon or spa owner might notice their business is using more paper than necessary. If so, they can begin researching management systems that allow their business to go completely paperless while staying organized. It may take some time to find the right system and implement it, but it is a step in the right direction toward a more sustainable environment. With this mindset, “going green” will simply change into a new way of running an efficient salon or spa rather than an unattainable, expensive endeavor.

Listen to others: Sustainability will likely be a priority for many current and potential clients as well as employees considering joining a salon or spa.  As such, they can be great resources for salon and spa owners who feel overwhelmed by sustainability efforts. From their experiences with other salons and spas, to products recommended to them by other industry professionals, clients and employees can offer practical knowledge and experience that can benefit salon and spa owners.

Do your research: As the current sustainability trend increases in popularity, unfortunately, so does the misrepresentation related to salon and spa products. Before adding a new product, salon and spa owners should research the ingredients and process to ensure they are what they claim to be. Knowing key terms such as “non-toxic” or “made with recyclable materials” will help salon and spa owners narrow down their search, but they must try to truly understand what they are claiming to sell. Salon and spa owners must be able to answer questions and provide insight to their clients, especially when it comes to their sustainability needs.

As salon and spa owners look for ways to incorporate sustainability into their small businesses, they must look past what works now and think about their long-term business. By starting small, listening to their communities and taking the time to research cost-effective, worthwhile investments, salon and spa owners can see their businesses flourish while minimizing their environmental influence.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at

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