5 Steps to Reopening Salons and Barbershops

Colorado recently announced their decision to shift from stay-at-home to safe-at-home, opening several small businesses across the state for limited business. Included in these businesses are hair salons and barbershops, which will be able to open provided they follow the state’s physical distancing requirements. As several states begin to adjust their stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders, it is a good time for beauty businesses to prepare themselves for reopening.

There are a number of precautions salons and barbershops can take to make sure their business is ready to reopen. These include:

  1. Establish a clear social distancing policy: Colorado is implementing physical distancing guidelines, limiting the amount of people permitted at venues and stating they must be at least six feet apart. Salons and barbershops can strictly enforce these rules to promote a safe, healthy environment for their employees and customers. This might mean restricting the number of customers allowed in the shop at one time or only allowing every other chair to be occupied.
  1. Maintain a clean facility: Salons should be thoroughly disinfected before reopening for business. Employees must regularly disinfect their equipment and the building as a whole after working with clients and management can also create sanitizing stations for their staff and customers. Staff should also wear protective equipment, including masks and gloves. For more information, check out our library of tips for safety and sanitation.
  1. Screen customers: Ask any clients if they’ve had a cough, fever, or been around any sick or quarantined people over the prior two weeks and ask that they consider moving their appointment to a later date if the answer is “yes.” The Georgia State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers also recommended that salons consider using touchless infrared thermometers to check the temperature of their staff and clients.
  1. Understand rules and guidelines: It is important to pay attention to the timeline and procedures for reopening outlined by state governments. OSHA has also prepared COVID-19 guidelines for workplaces, which you can download here.
  1. Ensure barbers and stylists have active liability insurance. During the business shutdowns, some stylists and barbers were forced to cancel their professional liability insurance policies. In other instances, salons and barber shops dropped staff from their policies. In either case, it is important to remember that an insurance policy is not automatically reactivated when you open for business again. Give your insurance broker or insurer a call to make sure you have an active policy. The SASSI team is available at 888-823-9380.

As businesses begin to consider reopening across the country, salons and barbershops should be prepared. By establishing clear policies, regular disinfecting schedules, and screening customers, management will promote a safe, clean, and healthy environment for their teams and employees. No matter how long a salon or barbershop has been closed, it is not too early to consider how you will get ready to handle customers again.

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