Top Beauty Tips

Meet Jacques Brunois, he’s our Beauty Guru.

His years of experience makes him a SASSI expert on the beauty liability biz. Here are Jacques’s top tried and true tips on minimizing your beauty liability risks:

  • Institute a program of incident management and instruct your beauty salon employees on the best way to manage mishaps or accidents.
  • Ensure that employees store chemicals in their original containers with correct labels and instructions.
  • Compile a list of all equipment, manufacturers, and receipts, if possible. Maintain this within a file, along with any warranty information, service details and other data for equipment.
  • When purchasing new equipment, have the manufacturer supply you with a certificate of insurance for liability purposes.
  • Perform bi-annual reviews on all equipment and furniture and maintain records on the proper working condition and stability of each.
  • Confirm that your salon’s water temperature reaches no more than 120 degrees (the water heater may be lowered to accommodate this; ask your utility service provider or plumber for details).
  • Make a practice of maintaining records, including appointment books for a period of two years. Include customers’ names, appointment dates, services rendered, and the products used.
  • Keep records of the names and telephone numbers of former employees.
  • Make copies of each operator’s license and keep them on file with personnel records.
  • Create an eye-wash station, and maintain an accessible basic first-aid supply kit in your facility.
  • Maintain a general accident report file, with blank copies in the event of mishap or injury.
    Counsel employees not to discuss details of an incident with co-workers or customers.
  • Contact your insurance broker or provider immediately if a customer reports a liability issue,
    if your staff or you complete an accident report, or if a claim is to be filed.

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