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  • Disaster Safety: Be Prepared for Storms with Business Income Insurance (11/6/2019) With about three weeks to go, the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season has been less active than recent years — yet it still has more named storms than the historical average, according to The Weather Channel. However, even an inactive hurricane season can produce storms that cause widespread destruction. According to FEMA, nearly 40 percent of… Read More »
  • Disaster Relief: How Salons Support their Communities After Hurricanes (10/14/2019) Over the last few years, the country has been hit with several devastating hurricanes, including Harvey, Irma and, more recently, Dorian. In the immediate aftermath of a storm, businesses that are operable sometimes step up to support their local communities. The past few storms have yielded several interesting cases of disaster support from and for… Read More »
  • Preschool Pampering: How Salons and Spas Manage Risks Associated with Kids (8/22/2019) The latest target audience for beauty and wellness services is really growing into the role: kids. The market for children’s salon and spa services is growing. At least 25 percent of salons offer this service, which represents a 15 percent increase between 2011 and 2015, says the New York Times. Not only is the clientele… Read More »
  • Be Sensitive to Skincare Sensitivity in Salons & Spas (7/26/2019) Blue summer skies are a welcome sight for salon and spa staff, and not just because they’re happy to see the sun. The return of warm weather often leads to increased customer volume, as more and more people decide they want a wax, facial or pedicure before hitting the beach or road for a vacation…. Read More »
  • Sunscreen bans: when common ingredients become questionable (6/12/2019) You may have seen the news recently that two of the most popular summer travel and tourist destinations in the U.S. are banning your favorite sunscreens. Though rumors and headlines sometimes suggest otherwise, only Hawaii and Key West, Florida have banned two sunscreen ingredients, and the bans will not go into effect for another year… Read More »
  • How the beauty industry is taking the lead on environmental stewardship (5/24/2019) More Americans are committing to an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and beauty consumers want to look good while doing good for the planet. Consumers are educating themselves about the products they use and the environmental effects of certain ingredients, and beauty magazines are quick to highlight which products are best for anyone who wants to “go… Read More »

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