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  • How Salons and Spas Can Start Strong in 2023 - Offer Advanced procedures like skin care & hair treatments How Salons and Spas Can Start Strong in 2023 (1/6/2023) 2022 was a year of recovery for businesses as well as the global economy. The beauty industry certainly felt the impact of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021, while 2022 was a more productive year that brought with it the evolving needs of beauty consumers. A pandemic-led shift in consumer habits forced the beauty industry to… Read More »
  • Hit the Ground Running on Charitable Giving Hit the Ground Running on Charitable Giving (11/21/2022) As the winter season approaches, so too does the season of giving. Salons and spas are pillars of the community; they provide comfort, relaxation and encourage confidence among their clients. Salons and spas that prioritize community outreach and philanthropy are even more connected to their community and typically see a correlating boost in business. From… Read More »
  • Preparing for Flu Season: Cleanliness, hygiene and service offerings Preparing for Flu Season: Cleanliness, hygiene and service offerings (10/20/2022) As the seasons begin to change, many experts anticipate an active 2022-2023 flu season. The COVID-19 pandemic has clients and salon and spa professionals alike more wary of health concerns, including a potential flu infection. Close contact is necessary for many treatments in salons and spas and as such the potential for infection in these… Read More »
  • Beauty Salons & Spas Going Green on a Smaller Scale Going Green on a Smaller Scale (9/6/2022) Sustainability has been a high priority for businesses across many industries in recent years. We’ve all heard the promises from big businesses, but many small business owners are left wondering what sustainability looks likes for them. For salons and spas, sustainability does not have to mean large monetary donations toward global efforts or rearranging entire… Read More »
  • Beauty Salon Worker Burnout Burnout (8/10/2022) The nature of the beauty industry can be exhausting. Hairdressers, nail technicians, barbers and more are expected to bring high energy, be readily available, and give their clients 100% of their attention. Demeanor aside, beauty professionals’ work is also held to exceedingly high standards, particularly as social media empowers clients to post their looks for… Read More »
  • The State of the Beauty Industry - ultrasonic spa technology The State of the Beauty Industry (7/13/2022) With the mid-point of 2022 here, the beauty industry is enjoying increased demand for salon and spa services. While an influx of business can be exciting, it is important for salon and spa owners to stay up to date on industry trends and looming risks in order to find continued success and avoid industry pitfalls… Read More »

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