Wedding and Prom Season to Put a Spring in the Steps of Salon and Spa Owners

Wedding and Prom Season to Put a Spring in the Steps of Salon and Spa Owners

Wedding and prom season is quickly approaching and with fewer COVID-19 related restrictions, and more weddings expected in 2022 than the industry has seen since 1984, salon and spa owners can expect to see higher store traffic and more requests for off-site work. Although the return of large events offers more opportunities for beauty professionals, it also presents significant risks. To protect against these risk exposures, salon and spa owners should look to prepare their businesses to best manage the influx of clients, their various needs as well as the risks that accompany them.

What are the risks?

Salon and Spa owners are no strangers to risks, they prepare for and face them every day. However, an increase in traffic and off-site requests carries its own unique set of risks that salon and spa owners need to be aware of:

  • Slip, trip and fall: As foot traffic increases through salons and spas, so does the chance of clients or employees slipping on spilled products, hair clippings or wet floors.
  • Sanitation: Fully booked appointments along with an ongoing labor shortage may cause some daily tasks to fall to the wayside, including cleaning and sanitation procedures.
  • Off-site opportunities: Clients may request off-site services for their big day; however beauty professionals may not be protected under the businesses’ insurance policy when they provide services off the premises and should talk to their insurer before providing such services.

How to mitigate the risks?

Salon and spa owners can minimize the threats to their business by taking a few steps before wedding and prom season is in full effect:

  • Limit hazards: Ensure cords from equipment are off the ground and secured, and that spills are cleaned up right away, with proper signage placed around any hazardous areas. Consider non-slip flooring and require all employees to wear non-slip shoes. Regularly survey the premises for any possible slip, trip and fall hazards and address them immediately.
  • Clean regularly: Implement a daily cleaning schedule employees can follow throughout business hours. It can become more difficult to keep up with such tasks as business picks up, but sanitation should take priority. Establish clear cleaning expectations and ensure staff is aware of and cooperating with protocols to ensure clients receive exceptional, sanitary service.
  • Make sure you’re covered: Talk to your insurance agent or broker about your policies to make sure coverage is up to date and effective. Ensure your policy has coverage such as slip, trip and fall and workers compensation. For off-site services, make sure the location is covered under the business’s insurance policy. For example, if a hairdresser goes to a wedding venue to do a bride’s hair, the wedding venue must be listed on the salon’s insurance policy.

After two long years of lackluster business, salon and spa owners are now approaching a prom and wedding season full of potential. Before appointments are fully booked and staff begin jumping from site to site, salon and spa owners need to look at their business with a keen eye, assess any threats and mitigate those risks.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at

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