The State of the Beauty Industry

The State of the Beauty Industry - ultrasonic spa technology

With the mid-point of 2022 here, the beauty industry is enjoying increased demand for salon and spa services. While an influx of business can be exciting, it is important for salon and spa owners to stay up to date on industry trends and looming risks in order to find continued success and avoid industry pitfalls as opportunities for growth arise. The mid-year point is an ideal time to review these issues and ensure salons and spas are aware and prepared to respond.

Wellness in Salons and Spas  

The beauty industry is an ever-changing environment with new, trending treatments and products popping up at every turn. One consistent trend in recent years has been the increased interest in products and services that promote wellness and reflect a health-conscious lifestyle.

Salons and spas are exploring new treatments that support overall wellness such as ultrasonic technology, spa and salon air filtration systems to support a healthy environment and shared experience offerings such as couple or group treatments. In addition to general wellness, CBD offerings available at salons and spas continue to trend within the industry due to their anti-inflammatory and pain management benefits.

Salons and Spas Beware

With increased opportunity, an increase in risk can often follow. Here are some trending risks that salon and spa owners should consider when planning for the second half of the year: 

Labor shortage: The labor shortage will continue to pose challenges to industries across the world. As salons and spas look to navigate this persistent problem, they should ensure there is a welcoming environment and healthy culture within their business to recruit and retain valued workers. According to Sudheer Koneru, CEO and founder of Zenoti, a cloud based software provider for salons and spas,  a strong foundation for employees in a supportive environment with clear expectations and opportunities to build their careers is essential.

COVID-19: Salon and spa owners should remember the pandemic remains a worry for many people as infection rates continue to rise in population centers scattered across the U.S.

While labor shortages also threaten business operations as COVID-19 remains an issue, cleanliness and sanitation cannot take a back seat. Salons and spas should provide access to hand sanitizer around the facility, perform regular cleaning procedures on all surfaces, equipment and seats and ensure employees are aware of the regular precautions they should be taking. In addition to keeping a salon or spa and its patrons healthy, it will help ease the mind of clients, strengthening the client relationship.

Slip & Fall Incidents: Slip and fall risks continue to be one of the biggest risks salon and spa owners face. Given the higher potential of slipping on spilled products, hair on the floor or tripping over power chords, it is no surprise slip and fall claims continue to loom over salon and spa owners.

The future is promising for the beauty industry, however, it is important to periodically review the current state of risk to ensure a salon or spa is prepared with sound practices, safe property and a healthy environment.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at

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