Risk Management Training for Salons and Spas

Risk Management Training for Salons & Spas

Even before the pandemic, salons and spas faced a number of risks that could threaten their business, from slip and falls to faulty product issues and treatment risks. Now, beauty businesses must also consider the risks involving sanitization to keep their clients and employees safe. Like all risk management, proper training for both new and current staff members is a key component.

Ensure salon and spa employees are properly trained to identify and deal with risks beginning with the hiring process. Business owners should confirm prospective hires are properly certified and adequately trained for the position. Then, once hired, beauty business owners should walk new employees through day-to-day operations, including what’s expected of them, how to use any specialized equipment at the salons and spas, and best practices for communication with customers.

Schedule regular training sessions to ensure staff completely understands every aspect of their salon or spa menu, and what services the business can confidently offer its clients. This training should occur at least once a year, with new training incorporated as offerings change. For example, if a spa offers a chemical peeling treatment, the esthetician should be aware of the potential side effects and communicate proactively with their customers to make sure they understand the risks. In addition to protecting the client from injury, this will reduce the risk of a costly claim.

When it comes to pandemic-related risks, particularly those involving sanitization and regulations for daily operations, beauty business owners should have defined COVID-19 policies, following CDC recommendations, so all staff can work to prevent the spread. For example, employees should be trained to thoroughly and regularly sterilize equipment, common surfaces, seating, doorknobs and more using the appropriate chemicals as recommended by the CDC.

While it may not be possible to prepare for every risk, a strong employee training program is a great start to protect any beauty business. With proper steps for risk management in place, salon and spa owners can continue to keep their businesses as safe as possible today and in the future.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at klopez@brownyard.com.

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