New Year’s Risk Resolution – prioritizing key risk management and training measures

prioritizing key risk management and training measures

New Year Similar Risks

New Year’s is traditionally a time for resolutions to start the year off right. For salon, spa and barbershop owners, prioritizing risk management and training measures should be a top resolution. Understanding the risks related to salon services and having the right training procedures in place can protect businesses from damaging lawsuits and costly insurance claims.

Common Claims and Training 

Perhaps the most common insurance claims to come from beauty businesses are related to slip and fall incidents. With fallen hair, potential spills on the floor and many people moving throughout the salon, it is easy for a client to slip, trip or fall if they are not careful. Clear signage posted around the salon and procedures and training in place to properly clean up potential hazards can help minimize such slip and fall incidents.

Another source of claims in salons are, unsurprisingly, hair services. In some cases, clients may be allergic to some of the components in the dye when having their hair colored. This reaction can cause significant discomfort, hair loss or even medical issues. In other circumstances, a stylist may accidentally cut or burn a client while styling their hair, leaving the salon open to costly litigation.

While it is impossible to predict whether a client may be allergic to something or a stray movement that leads to an unintended injury or error, there are steps stylists and staff members can take to reduce the frequency of accidents. Stylists should be trained to understand and communicate any potential side effects of the products they are using and should always ask clients if they have any allergies before starting any procedure. There are also many safety training courses available to help stylists understand their exposures and properly care for clients. Finally, we recommend all staff members providing direct services to customers are properly licensed. This can help protect the salon in case of an incident.

COVID-19 Continues 

After nearly two years, COVID-19 concerns continue to linger and create challenges for salons, spas and barbershops. Fortunately, throughout the pandemic businesses have found ways to stay open and protect themselves.

Many businesses have implemented mask and social distancing policies, and sanitization has become key. Enforcing sanitization procedures with cleaning schedules and communication around those procedures can go a long way in making clients feel safe. There are even common salon sanitation trainings specific to COVID-19. Staff members can take these trainings to help solidify a salon’s status as a safe business. Above all, salons, spas and barbershops should follow all regulations and guidelines to ensure they are best protected from COVID related risks.

These risks may seem unlikely to affect day-to-day business, but lack of understanding and preparation increases the risk and leaves salons open to potential and significant losses. Simple actions such as ensuring all staff members are licensed and offering additional trainings can go a long way to help protect businesses from costly claims and reduce risk.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at

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