Marketing risk management: Boost your beauty business safely

Marketing risk management: Boost your beauty business

As the economy continues to reopen and travel returns, business owners nationwide have an opportunity to grow and expand their client base. For the beauty business, in particular, people will be excited to return to salons and spas to receive treatments they have anticipated for well over a year.

To capitalize on this opportunity, salon and spa owners would be well advised to employ a marketing plan. Marketing is an important tool for spreading awareness and attracting and retaining new clients.

With that in mind, here are some tips and best practices salons and spas can follow:

  1. Understand your brand: What type of services are you trying to sell? What are your growth goals? Who is your audience? Decide on the demographic you’d like to target and make sure your messaging is consistent with your product offerings and your long-term goals so you can best reach your audience.
  2. Utilize multiple platforms: Marketing efforts should not be limited to just one platform. Beauty businesses can employ email and text marketing campaigns, as well as spread helpful content on social media to regularly engage with existing clientele and reach new ones.
  3. Promote your new offerings: Make sure you are regularly sharing your new services and offerings with clients, so they know you are working to innovate and meet their needs. Also, continue to reach out to clients with frequent advice and recommendations so they know you are invested in their health.

These tips are a good start to marketing your business but remember to avoid false or misleading advertising. The key is simply being honest and not overpromising. Making claims like “Our services will make you look 50 years younger with one treatment,” or “Our products can completely erase your under-eye bags,” may not seem too dangerous, but they can lead to real danger for your business.

If your business makes a promise it can’t keep, not only do you run the risk of clients leaving negative reviews and spreading the word regarding their disappointing experience, but they could also hold you responsible if there are any damages or injuries.

Many people are returning to spas and salons either for the treatments they’ve been missing or just to pamper themselves after a difficult year in quarantine. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow through a strong marketing strategy, but make sure your business is staying safe by not overpromising or misleading clientele.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at

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