How Salons & Spas Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Some of us dread the slush and snow, while others find the carols and crooners grating. Yet the holiday season can truly be the most wonderful time of the year — even for busy salons and spas.

As families and businesses celebrate the year past and gather for holiday celebrations, people turn in droves to salon and spa professionals to help them look their best. There are several steps salons and spas can take to truly maximize the number of new and returning clientele they see during this time of year.

American Spa Magazine surveyed several leading spas in 2015 and asked how they market their services during the holiday season. One of the more frequent responses was offering holiday promotions and packages to customers. These could include packaged treatments for lower prices, discounted retail items or gift certificates for continued business. These offerings incentivize clients to make the trip to your salon for their holiday cuts, grooming and relaxation.

One key tactic is one of the simplest — and perhaps most obvious: festive, seasonal and creative decorations. The holiday look can be relaxing to clients as it reminds them of the fun aspects of a hectic season.

Clients in the festive spirit appreciate holiday-themed services. These could include hair color specials or seasonal nail designs like these from Nails Magazine. Spas often get creative with holiday-themed skincare services, like candy cane-scented facials.

Preparing for this increased business can be difficult though. Some best practices include:

  1. Use previous years as a guide: Examine data from previous holiday seasons to get an idea of when you will be busiest. Assume that this year could see increased volume; manage staff and purchase inventory accordingly.
  2. Provide thorough training for staff: Salons and spas may need to increase staff for the holiday season and these new hires will require thorough training. Make sure that staff are prepared for dealing with high client traffic in a respectful manner and are conscious of the risks they may incur by not being careful.
  3. Keep an eye out for slip and falls: Slip and falls are a risk throughout the year, but particularly during the busy holiday season. Christmas lights present a very dangerous tripping hazard in addition to wet floors caused by snow or rain. Make sure any wires are completely out of walking paths and floors are clean or marked with a wet sign at all times.

Salons and spas have the chance to significantly increase clientele with promotions, themed offerings, retail items and redecorating. However, it’s also important to ensure that the business stays prepared and safe throughout this increased traffic. The holiday season can be the best time of the year for salons and spas with strong, effective marketing and thorough preparation.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at

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