How Day Spas Cultivate Wellness and Safety During the Pandemic

After months at home with their favorite businesses closed, more and more people have returned to stress-relieving pampering and self-care. For day spas, the focus needs to be on ensuring that their new standards for safety and health are up to snuff. The challenge is to maintain a relaxing atmosphere while being stringent about health and safety measures.

New procedures start when booking appointments. Spas should give the client a rundown of what they need to do in order to prepare for an appointment, and what they should be aware of upon entering the spa. This benefits not only the health and safety of clients, but employees as well. Helping clients understand what to expect can help relieve their anxiety and that of staff.

Although services may require close contact, clients and estheticians both need to wear masks and keep appropriate distance from one another. This requires some creativity. For example, some spas in Europe have more than enough room to adapt both indoor and outdoor areas for treatments. With winter coming to many areas of the country, outdoor treatments may not be an option. But that spirit of creative repurposing can help spas operate safely.

Other spas are remaining connected to clients by recommending at-home products that are available for sale in the salon. Using social media and other communications tools, day spas can help clients build a relaxing at-home experience that helps them maintain wellness between treatments. Having clients purchase retail items — whether after treatments or through curbside pickup — will not only increase salon sales but help keep clients engaged.

Finally, make sure spas and salons stay connected with clients, whether through your websites, social media or through email marketing. It’s important your clients are aware of the new measures you are taking to keep the salon clean and safe, as well as how to make appointments, and prepare for treatments. Plus, with public health experts predicting another wave of COVID-19 infections, it is critical for businesses of all sizes to adopt a sustainable, long-term strategy for coping with closures.

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