Disaster Relief: How Salons Support their Communities After Hurricanes

Over the last few years, the country has been hit with several devastating hurricanes, including Harvey, Irma and, more recently, Dorian. In the immediate aftermath of a storm, businesses that are operable sometimes step up to support their local communities. The past few storms have yielded several interesting cases of disaster support from and for salons and the beauty industry.

Perhaps the most frequent forms of disaster relief provided by individuals and businesses are fundraisers and donation drives, which have proven to be simple yet appreciated ways to support people in need. For example, the Professional Beauty Association runs their PBA Disaster Relief Fund, a program designed to help affected salon professionals restore and rebuild their businesses.

For more general relief support, many salons have opted to offer fundraiser events, such as Empire Beauty Schools during Hurricane Harvey. In the aftermath of that storm, they held a seven-hour haircut fundraising event, where all proceeds generated were donated directly to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.

Some stylists and salon managers have opted to directly support victims of disasters. During Hurricane Irma, Shear Joy Salon in Clearwater, Florida offered anyone in need a free cup of coffee and a free shampoo — a welcome comfort for those left without clean, running water.

When Hurricane Harvey struck, a salon owner in Missouri City found that her business had only suffered minor damages. As she noticed the incredible damage suffered by those around her, she decided to team up with several other stylists to form “The Gallery of Salons” and offer haircare services to over 500 victims of the storm, while also listening to their stories and offering support.

In the aftermath of severe weather and disasters, many local businesses do what they can to support their communities. Salons, in particular, are excellent at recognizing the multitude of resources they have that can prove comforting to people dealing with displacement and disruption. From general donations and fundraisers, to free services and stylings, salon owners and employees have made a significant difference in their communities.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at klopez@brownyard.com.

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