CBD Products in the Beauty Industry are Here to Stay

CBD Products in the Beauty Industry are Here to Stay

The beauty industry is known for innovating products by incorporating ingredients that bring new benefits to consumers, and CBD has been a hot topic in this space. This past January was the second annual National CBD Month, created by CBDmd to highlight the advantages and increased popularity of the ingredient from skin care products to salon treatments and services.

The increased use of CBD in beauty products has only grown in popularity in recent years. In 2021 alone, the CBD health and wellness market was valued at $4.9 billion according to a report from Vantage Market Research. The same report predicts that over the next six years, the market is expected to reach $47.22 billion.

Benefits of CBD

Opportunities for product manufacturers and salon and spa owners are vast in the CBD market and for good reason. As reported by Cosmetics and Toiletries, CBD in skin care products reduces inflammation. In turn, CBD can help reduce redness, nourish skin and assist in the effects of aging. Aside from topical benefits, CBD can help reduce anxiety, stress and pain.

CBD in Salons and Spa

When considering introducing CBD products into a salon or spa, it is important to research what options will best benefit the business. With its connected history to THC, beauty businesses could potentially open themselves up to reputational risk in incorporating CBD products. However, as of 2018 the production of the chemical was made federally legal. As long as salons and spas offer CBD treatments within that limit, there is no additional risk.

Additionally, salon and spa owners should be aware of the regulations around marketing CBD products. Beauty businesses put themselves at risk if they misrepresent products or over promise results in their marketing. For instance, in 2019, the FDA sent a series of warning letters to brands misrepresenting their CBD product or adding it to unapproved mediums.  Knowledge offers the power to protect, and salon and spa owners should research the products they offer and ensure they are not inadvertently making improper claims.

Salon and spa owners can work with their insurers to ensure they are not opening themselves up to new or additional risk by offering CBD products. Insurers can also help salon and spa owners stay on top of rules, regulations and requirements related to CBD products to mitigate any risks before they arise.

As CBD continues to grow, more business owners may be ready to take advantage of the benefits the product has to offer. Before doing so, beauty professionals should become familiar with CBD and related products as well as the benefits they offer.  Communicating this information transparently to clients and consumers will not only engender trust but will also serve to protect salon and spa owners from unnecessary risk. 

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at klopez@brownyard.com.

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