CBD Part 2: Infusing Cannabidiol Into Salon & Spa Services

The surge of CBD-infused personal care products being sold across the country isn’t just happening in hipster hubs or mom-and-pop wellness stores. Consumers are demanding the product and large corporations are taking notice. As Men’s Health reports, the market is expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022. This should come as no surprise, as earlier this year the retail giants CVS and Walgreens announced they’re going to be selling hemp-derived CBD products in 2,300 stores nationwide.

We know small beauty and wellness businesses are taking notice too. In salons and spas, treatments such as manicures, massages and facials are adding CBD oil to the mix. As this Forbes contributor describes, these are available at salons and spas across the country, from Colorado to New York City. A spa in Napa Valley offers a CBD oil-infused treatment package, incorporating it into body scrubs, massages and hair treatments. A nail salon in Los Angeles offers high-end manicures and pedicures that feature CBD-infused products.

The potential for offering CBD-infused treatments is sure to pique any salon or spa owner’s interest—but how do you know which CBD products are safe? How can you safely incorporate them into your salon or spa services?

With more and more resources becoming available every day, research is key to choosing safe products. Salon Today is quick to point out that CBD products should be safe, as long as they are acquired from a reputable company. Not all CBD is created equal, and it is up to you as the business owner to do your due diligence. If you are planning to add this ingredient to your business’s service offering, you may want to consider Salon Today’s advice: get your CBD oil from a certified-organic source and ensure that it’s third-party tested. According to Consumer Reports’ step-by-step guide to shopping for CBD, reputable manufacturers provide a certificate of analysis (COA) that reports CBD, THC and contaminant levels in their products.

The potential for increasing revenue by offering these products and services is extremely enticing, and rightfully so. However, many of the medicinal benefits and health claims made for CBD products don’t receive any endorsements from the FDA, which doesn’t have a firm stance on the chemical compound yet. According to Salon Today, physicians are hesitant to allow or recommend CBD products because fewer than 10 percent of medical schools study the human endocannabinoid system.

As with any new product offering – Do your research, offer only products and services you believe to be safe and in which your employees are competently trained. You may also want to stay up to date on the latest information and regulations surrounding the enormous growth in popularity of CBD. As more scientific research supporting its safety and health benefits comes out, your salon or spa (and clients) could be reaping the benefits.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at klopez@brownyard.com.

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