3 Crucial Tips to Help Electrologists Minimize Insurance Claims

As a rule, electrologists are trained professionals who uphold high standards of care for their clients. But in any line of work, people are tempted to cut corners and take shortcuts when they feel like their experience allows it.

In my experience working with electrologists on their insurance needs, I have learned there are a few common oversights that can result in loss of client trust, lawsuits and/or insurance claims. Here are three ways to help prevent such oversights:

  • Recognize clientslimitations.  Though electrolysis is safe and causes little pain, a small percentage of people should not receive the treatment, particularly those with pacemakers. Be diligent in checking in with clients about recent surgeries. Also be careful when working with anxious or nervous clients; take the time to assuage their fears, provide them with thorough information and make sure they are comfortable.
  • Dont make claims you cant substantiate. They may say there’s no truth in advertising, but you should do the best you can. Do not advertise your services as “pain-free”or “the safest.”From your first meeting, be forthright with clients about the risks, rewards, limitations and promises of electrolysis and be sure they understand how important it is for them to follow their treatment plan.
  • Keep thorough records.  In addition to any financial records you are legally obligated to keep, ensure you keep up-to-date client case histories and documentation for equipment and tools (particularly sterilization equipment). Also, you should have a procedure for documenting accidents, such as problems with a treatment or slip and fall accidents in your facility.

Most businesses will need to file an insurance claim at some point, but following these tips can help you reduce the severity and frequency of your claims—which may help save you money on your insurance premium.

Sean Brownyard is executive program manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. He can be reached at sbrownyard@brownyard.com.

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