The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Has Begun. Is Your Salon Prepared?

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Has Begun. Is Your Salon Prepared?

June marks the beginning of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season and the storms are already underway. Hurricane Agatha made landfall in southern Mexico on May 29 with winds as high as 105 mph. These storms pose significant threats to business and commerce, including salons and spas.

Last year was the third costliest hurricane season on record with a total cost of $145 billion. The season generated 21 named storms, 11 of which were categorized as hurricanes or major hurricanes, including the disastrous Hurricane Ida. This year, experts anticipate another active hurricane season with a 65% chance of above average storm activity.

As businesses gear up for the predicted storms, preparation is the strongest defense any salon and spa owner can have against inevitable weather events. A strong plan, properly practiced and well communicated among staff, can ensure small businesses are able to minimize costly damages and more quickly recover.

Consider these three tips when preparing for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season:

  1. Have a plan: All business personnel should be prepared and familiar with their responsibilities in the event of an emergency. Salon and spa owners should implement and practice an evacuation plan with staff as well as post-disaster and clean-up protocols. Disaster preparedness is a team effort, for the safety of employees as well as the recovery of the business.
  2. Prepare the property: Before a storm hits, it is important to check your property for potential susceptibilities to storm damage. Salon and spa owners should ensure the roof is sturdy, free of any holes and provides proper drainage to endure the strong winds and heavy rainfall. Additionally, any loose items on the property such as outdoor signs, furniture or other items that could be swept up in the storm should be brought indoors and safely secured. Lighter items left outside during a hurricane could cause more damage to the business and its surroundings.
  3. Check your insurance: Your insurance agent or broker can assist with a risk assessment to help identify areas where your business may be vulnerable. In addition to ensuring salon and spa owners are aware of their risks, an assessment can help identify an effective post-disaster plan that can assist with rebuilding costs and business interruption losses. Salon and spa owners should also ensure their existing policies and insurance limits are adequate.

With a proper plan in place, salons and spas can recover from a storm more efficiently and cost effectively while prioritizing the safety of the entire business. With hurricane season off to a rapid start, there is no better time to make sure your salon or spa is prepared to weather the storm.

Kathy Lopez, Account Manager for SASSI, the Salon and Spa Specialty Insurance program at Brownyard Group. She can be reached at

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