Prepare for the worst, hope for the best: Understanding unusual salon claims

Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome (BPSS) recently became a hot topic when Elizabeth Smith, 48, of California had her shampoo horror story picked up by Buzzfeed. Days after a normal trip to her hair salon, Smith felt weak on the left side of her body and couldn’t balance properly, until she eventually began vomiting and had to be rushed to the ER
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A slippery slope: when salons and spas don’t take slips and falls seriously

We have discussed slips and falls on this blog in the past, but I thought it deserved its own post. Slips and falls are a serious problem and source of insurance claims at salons and spas. Think about it: salon and spa environments are perfect for slip and fall accidents. There is constant foot traffic in and out of and within these facilities,
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Taking a chill pill: Is cryotherapy safe?

If you follow trends in salon and spa services, you have probably heard about cryotherapy. Despite its legions of devotees, the idea makes many people cringe at first—being submerged in sub-zero vapor doesn’t sound therapeutic, let alone pleasant. In fact, it sounds downright dangerous. However—so far—cryotherapy is accepted as
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What Clients Don’t Say Can Hurt Them (And You)

One challenge often goes unspoken among salon and spa professionals, at least until someone gets hurt: working with clients who have medical conditions that may be adversely affected by a service. This is always a difficult scenario, but easier to handle when clients are forthcoming about issues or injuries. But what can you do when people hide
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SASSI Liability Coverages

The Lasting Risks of Trendy Services

Hot new beauty trends come and go, with few making it through a year before they’ve been deemed uncool. But one trend is here to stay, simply because it incorporates them all—salons adding extra amenities. Cut, color, manicure, pedicure, facials, massage—busy beauty customers want all of these services done in one place. This is good for
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Protect Nail Technicians From Chemical Exposure

In light of recent news reports, I would be remiss if I did not discuss the protection of nail technician health and safety. As a provider of liability and workers’ compensation insurance and risk management to salons and spas, we are deeply invested in worker safety. So, how do you protect nail techs from the chemicals on which their careers
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Three key fire safety practices for salons and spas

Earlier this month was Fire Prevention Week, which makes this as good a time as any to review salon fire safety. Many salon owners and staff are occupied managing day-to-day risks, spot-testing new products and practicing care in cuticle trimming. But salon owners and managers should lead an effort to periodically review their fire risks, relevant
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Don’t Fall Into Autumn: Spa and Salon Safety for Cooler Weather

As the colder weather arrives, your clients will be changing their beauty and personal care routines. Currently, at salons and spas across the country, clients sipping pumpkin spice lattes are requesting darker hair colors and ways to prep skin for winter dryness. Just as autumn provides opportunities to upsell services and products, it also
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3 Crucial Tips to Help Electrologists Minimize Insurance Claims

As a rule, electrologists are trained professionals who uphold high standards of care for their clients. But in any line of work, people are tempted to cut corners and take shortcuts when they feel like their experience allows it. In my experience working with electrologists on their insurance needs, I have learned there are a few common
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Four Scary Beauty Treatments Best Left to History

The history of the beauty industry is full of strange and scary beauty treatments. Let’s be thankful they are no longer in practice. Many were painful, uncomfortable, led to diseases, and some even caused death. Soaking in Excrement Ancient Greeks and Romans thought crocodile feces had beautifying and restorative properties. The feces were
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Enter SASSI’s Salon Stars: Mental Wellness Champions Contest