In Salon & Spa Marketing, Sometimes Less is More

We’ve talked a lot about face-to-face communication on this blog. Whether it’s checking in on your client’s health history, or learning the delicate art of a necessary “no,” communication is a key skill for stylists, estheticians and other salon and spa pros. That is just as true for digital messaging as it is for in-person
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Examining philanthropy and the beauty industry

With the holiday season underway, we want to take the time to reflect on what the holiday spirit means to us at SASSI. Though this is the season of giving, the salon and spa industry has done a lot to give back to their communities throughout the entire year. Let’s take a look at a few of the charitable efforts organized by our favorites in the
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Beauty consumer is changing: Two trends to watch as we approach 2018

The beauty industry is changing—and so is the beauty consumer. That’s according to a recent study by The Benchmarking Company titled “PinkReport: Ten-Year Beauty Benchmark—A Consumer Love Affair with All Things Beauty.” The study dove into how beauty has evolved over the last 10 years, including the rise of social media and the
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The business needs of the changing barbershop

The beauty industry’s evolution extends beyond the scope of salons and spas. Barbershops have become an integral part of this space, growing at an impressive clip. Charles Kirkpatrick, National Association of Barber Boards of America executive officer, estimates a roughly 10 percent increase in barbershops since 2013 – as barbershops continue
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Get to know your clients—every time you see them

Whether we go to a dentist, physical therapist or other appointment, we’re all used to the question, “Are there any changes to your health since your last visit?” There are good reasons these professionals ask the question: they want to make sure their treatment does not affect you negatively because of a pre-existing condition. And if their
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There’s no upside to going uncovered

By and large, we had fun exhibiting at America’s Beauty Show. We met fascinating people and checked out the latest beauty trends (you can read about my experience in this blog post). I equivocate just a bit because I had a few worrisome conversations with people who were not covered by insurance. Some folks essentially shrugged and said they
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Three secrets to salon success: surveying our contest entries

Thanks to our Salon Secrets contest, we’ve spent the last few months learning how salons from across the country build successful businesses. The entries spanned a wide range of ideas for finding success in a competitive industry. With so many different salons built on so many different “secrets,” there have to be some threads that tie their
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Salon Secrets from coast to coast

We’ve had such a good time spreading the word about Finally Lisa’s Hair & Nail Salon, founded by our Salon Secrets contest winner Lisa Bodreau. But we received many compelling entries, from salons large and small, full-service and specialty-focused. In fact, the one constant among the entries was just how different they were. Our two
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