Salon & spa reopening risks: What have we learned so far?

As businesses have continued reopening, there has been a spike in COVID-19 cases nationwide. The spike has renewed concerns that many businesses are not adequately preparing and accounting for COVID-19 precautions when reopening their locations. At salons and spas, this is particularly relevant, since services depend on physical contact. So, what
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Buying In: How Salons Are Improving Their Retailing Efforts

Retail sales are always a source of conversation in the salon and spa space. After all, no one becomes a hair stylist or esthetician so that they can do sales. Competition from online and big box retailers in recent years has put pressure on salons and spas with retail operations. Still, many customers enjoy the convenience and assurance of buying
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How salons and spas can prepare for this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2019 hurricane season caused significant damages to businesses and homes across the country. Hurricane Dorian, for example, reached Category 5 status and according to Aon, caused $1.2 billion in economic damages. Tropical Storm Imelda, even though it barely registered as a tropical storm, managed to cause $2 billion in damages and at least
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How the beauty industry is lending a hand with COVID-19 relief

The COVID-19 shutdowns have closed salons and spas worldwide, pushing the beauty industry into unprecedented territory. While these shutdowns may be a setback for many beauty professionals and businesses, the broader industry has banded together in recent weeks to support relief efforts at the local and global level. Through donations, social
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5 Steps to Reopening Salons and Barbershops

Colorado recently announced their decision to shift from stay-at-home to safe-at-home, opening several small businesses across the state for limited business. Included in these businesses are hair salons and barbershops, which will be able to open provided they follow the state’s physical distancing requirements. As several states begin to
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How beauty businesses are supporting each other through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put beauty professionals in a difficult position. Stylists, nail techs, and estheticians have lost their jobs or income and are now facing unprecedented uncertainty. However, through these difficult times, there have been some beacons of hope. In recent weeks, beauty businesses have banded together at the national
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Support for the beauty industry during the COVID-19 shutdowns

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many small businesses across the country in a seemingly impossible position. To protect the lives of employees, contractors, clients, and their communities, they needed to shut down. The beauty industry, in particular, has been hit hard, as salons and spas nationwide were some of the first businesses forced to close
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What’s new in CBD products and treatments for Salons and Spas

Even as we begin a new decade, one of the hottest topics of the beauty industry continues to be CBD. Cosmetics manufacturers and other beauty and wellness industry innovators are finding new ways of applying this ingredient. It is featured in a diverse array of topical products and services, including massage creams, skincare products, nail
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How Salons & Spas Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Some of us dread the slush and snow, while others find the carols and crooners grating. Yet the holiday season can truly be the most wonderful time of the year — even for busy salons and spas. As families and businesses celebrate the year past and gather for holiday celebrations, people turn in droves to salon and spa professionals to help
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Flu Season: How to Keep your Salon/Spa Healthy

With a chill in the air, the leaves are falling fast now — and washing our hands more. November and December are not only a time for festivities but also a time for the flu. The 2019 flu season began in October and experts predict it will be a severe one. That may give salon and spa professionals pause. After all, they operate high-traffic
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